I help teams manage themselves to efficiently deliver quality services to your clients.

Are you the owner or leader of a professional services business? Do you:

  • Feel your business isn’t making the progress you hope for?
  • Find yourself moving from crisis to crisis and caught in the “admin”?
  • Wish you had time to focus on the business and the things you enjoy most?
  • Spend more time than you’d like fixing others mistakes
  • And feel you’d rather have done it yourself?


  • Make progress towards your goals
  • Lead motivated & accountable teams
  • Generate better returns
  • Satisfy your customers


  • Stephen’s support for us and our teams has resulted in positive change that has been good for the individual, team and our business.

    Dean Ferreira
    Dean Ferreira Managing Director, NCC Environmental Services (Pty) Ltd
  • Stephen is helping us to generate a cohesive plan for the trajectory of our business. He has skillfully facilitated and directed many of our "what next" discussions and helped us all understand the importance of clear and effective communication in order to achieve our goals.

    Trevor Swart
    Trevor Swart Director at AUX
  • The results of working with Stephen have been clearly evident in my professional engagements with positive feedback from key leaders. I have a sense of contributing constructively to the growth and development of the organization.

    Glenda Raven
    Glenda Raven Senior Manager: Environmental Leaders Programme, WWF-SA
Making progress starts with a conversation for clarity.