Designing your life — 5 Ways to make the Progress you hope for

The tradition of setting goals at the beginning of each new year brings the opportunity to reflect on what we would like to have happening in our lives and the businesses we are part of.

In this edition of my blog I’m sharing actions you can take to support the prospects of realising your goals and making the progress you hope for. The ideas are based on Alan Sieler’s “Coaching to the Human Soul” and an exercise developed by some of  his colleagues at the Ontological Coaching Institute.

1. Be clear about what you are taking care of

Often we describe our goals as actions we would like to take or outcomes we would like to achieve without being clear about what makes these targets important for us. When it’s clear to us how doing something truly takes care of what’s important to us, chances are we’ll be more likely to do something about it.

For some help with this I’ve included a workbook to support your thinking. You can download it here.

2. Know what the difference will be

Often we know something isn’t going as well as we would like but aren’t able to describe clearly what it is that we would like to be different. Having a compelling sense of what it will be like to have truly taken care of something that matters can be the motivation we need to make progress.

I invite you take time to write down exactly what it is you want to be occurring in your life. Develop as clear and precise an image as you can about what the situation will look, sound and feel like when your goal has been achieved.

3. Appreciate what you have

Before planning the steps you want to take realise your goals it is worth appreciating the resources you have at your disposal. Having a clear idea of what you recognise about yourself that is good, worthy and valuable can be a wonderful foundation to rely on as you take on your goals.

You can do this by taking time to detail what you appreciate and value deeply about yourself.

4. Invite learning

Chances are that there are things you could be doing differently that would improve your prospects of achieving the progress you hope for. You might ask yourself what learning would support your being able to make the progress you would like to make.

5. Have conversations for action

You don’t have to be the expert at everything and you probably can’t get everything done to achieve your goals all on your own. Consider the conversation you would like to have, with whom and how these might be helpful to your progress.

6. Give yourself Authority and make a Declaration

We can support ourselves making progress by giving ourselves the authority to make declarations about how we want our lives to be. Think about what declarations you would like to make about the action you are going take to reach your goals. Write these down as clear, to the point sentences that start with “I will ….”



At the end of January I will be offering a free public workshop to support individuals wanting to make effective progress towards their goals. This is for you if you would like to:

  • Make progress in some important area of your life; and
  • Be clear about the action you would like to take.

To book a spot or enquire further contact me at

Designing your Life Workbook

Download this workbook if you want to make progress in some important area of your life; and be clear about the action you would like to take

Download workbook
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